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Look what might be coming to the

                                                                                    Bissell Park Dock !

                                                             Fad or Foreal? Stand Up Paddle boarding or      It is a platform for kids to play on and a vehicle for
                                                            SUP’ing is the latest paddle sport to hit the Oceans,   adults of all ages to explore the waterways with. The
                                                            lakes and rivers by storm. However, this isn’t the   boards come in all shapes and sizes for the surfer,
                                                            first we’ve heard of this for those of us over…. well,   racer, explorer, fitness enthusiast, recreationalist
                                                            old.                                             and Yogi. They typically range from 8’ to 14’ with
                                                                                                             varying widths. Most of us fall in to the 10’6 to 12’6
                                                             In the early 1960s the Beach Boys of Waikiki    range. There are even iSUP’s (inflatable) that store in
                                                            would stand on their long boards and paddle out   a comfortable back pack for the urbanites who have
                                                            with extended outrigger paddles to take pictures of   limited storage space.
                                                            the tourists learning to surf. This is where the term
                                                            “Beach Boy Surfing” originates, another name for   For those who want to get in shape and hate the
                                                            Stand-Up Paddle Surfing.                         gym, especially in the summer, this is a fantastic way
                                                                                                             to work the ‘core’.  I now suffer from SUP addiction;
                                                                                                             it has become a daily ritual. I even SUP in the dead
                                                                                                             of winter. I am a true believer and will shout from the
             Karla MacFarlane, MLA                                                                           pulpit …FOREAL!!

                                                                                                               At North Shore SUP we offer tours, rentals, fitness,
                                                                                                             yoga and sales. For more information please contact:
               Please contact me with                                                                        NORTH SHORE SUP

                     your questions,                                                                                        OUTSTANDING!!!

                 concerns, and ideas

                            Pictou West

                   PO Box 310, 25B Front Street,
                        Pictou, NS  B0K 1H0
                          (902) 485-8958
                       It was reintroduced to the world in the early 2000s
                                                            by a few Hawaiian surfers who started SUP’ing as an
                                                            alternative way to train while the surf was down.

                                                             I was a little skeptical at the thought of standing
                                                            on an old surfboard or windsurfer and paddling it…
                                                            what’s the point, either surf it or windsurf it…leave
                   CONTRIBUTORS TO                          paddling for the canoes and kayaks. The benefits
                                                            were soon apparent though when I tried it for the
                       THE PIONEER                          first time... easy, fun, transportable and storable.

             Derek Andrews                                                 Did they have a good time?
             Rob Assels

             Regan Campbell                                                            You be the judge
             Margaret Cripps
             Sheree Fitch

             Dan Ferguson
             Cheryl Frizzell
             Monica Graham
             Barb Harris
             Marg Jones

             Cindy Langille
             Dylan Langille
             Joan MacKeigan

             Joan MacLeod
             Jill Munro
             Linda Thompson Reid
             Mary Beth Sutherland
             Peter Whaley

             Brenda White
             Joanne Wilkins

             River John Community Action Society

             Advocate Printing & Publishing

                                                           Alas, summer is over, but just so you don’t forget how much fun it was, here’s a picture of the Day Camp
                          To get involved,
                   contact Rob at  902-351-1476 or         that River John and Area Recreation ran at the River John Legion. It’s run by the Community Coordinator,
                              Joanne Wilkins and her Summer Students. Children are ages 3 to 12 years off age. It’s a old school camp
                                                           with picnics, river rafting arts and crafts and sports.
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