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River John Makerspace

            The River John C@P Society, based at the Janice   Our most recent acquisition is a Silhouette CAM-
          Gill Memorial Library, has recently acquired a    EO® 3 Desktop Cutting System. This machine can
          variety of machines to increase the capabilities of its   cut designs in a wide range of materials up to 2mm
          new ‘Makerspace’.                                 thick, such as paper, cardstock, vinyl and iron-on
                                                            heat transfer material. It is an ideal machine for
            Early in the summer we acquired a button badge   unique paper crafting projects like cards, gift boxes
          maker. You simply use the die cutter to punch a per-  or paper flowers. You can also cut designs in vinyl
          fect circle from your artwork, sandwich it between   to apply to surfaces such as windows, walls, mirrors,
          the button back and a transparent plastic cover, then   mugs, cellphones and any other suitable object that
          use the press to fix it all together. The artwork can   you want to decorate in some way. A welcome sign   We’re having a
          be drawn, painted or printed on paper. Button badg-  for the front door, or your favourite quote for the
          es are a good way to promote organizations, raise   hallway – no problem!
          awareness, or as a fundraiser. For a purely decora-                                                     Birthday Party!
          tive button, you might even use images or typogra-
          phy from old books, magazines or maps, in which
          case you don’t even need to be a talented artist.

                                                           The Silhouette cutting machine and some of the
                                                           paper crafts that you can make with it.

                                                             The Silhouette Studio® software enables you to
                                                            create your own designs and send them to the cutting
                                                            machine. When it is finished you use some simple
                                                            hand tools if necessary to pick out the voids in the
                                                            design. Again there is no end to the ideas you can
                                                            find online for using this machine, and with Christ-
                                                            mas not so very far away now, why not drop by the   The Pioneer is 4 years old.  The paper is pub-
                                                            library and make some unique cards, ornaments,   lished by the River John Community Action Society
                                                            gifts or gift boxes. We will keep a basic range of   (RJCAS). It is distributed free to all businesses and
                                                            materials on hand, but if you want something special   residents in the B0K 1N0 postal code.  It has no sala-
                                                            there is a wealth of products available in craft stores.  ried staff and is dependent upon a team of volun-
                                                                                                             teers.  Volunteers to write, edit and layout the paper,
                                                                                            Derek Andrews    as well as solicit advertising and send out invoices.
                                                                        Chairperson, River John C@P Society    The Pioneer is also dependent on a pool of local
                                                                                                             advertisers ... and they are very dependable.  Most of
                                                                                                             our advertisers run ads in every edition.
                                                                                                               So we’re having a party to celebrate.  The edi-
                                                                                                             tor of the Pioneer is Rob Assels. He and his wife,
                                                                                                             Lesley Longhorn will be hosting an outdoor party
                                                                                                             at their farm on Saturday, October 14 starting at 2
                                                                                                             pm.  Snacks, refreshments and live music will be
          The button badge maker consists of two parts, the                                                  provided.  If the weather’s good, they’ll fire up their
          die cutter on the right, and the press on the left. Also                                           outdoor pizza oven.
          shown are a metal shell and pin back, along with a                                                   In addition to celebrating the paper’s success, it
          selection of button badges made at the library. The                                                will be an opportunity for readers, contributors and
          C@P badge is made from a computer printout, the                                                    advertisers to discuss the future of the paper.
          others are pictures from old magazines, some of
          which have been collaged.                                                                            The River John area is growing.  New businesses
                                                                                                             are opening every year.  The waterfront is being de-
                                                                                                             veloped. The village is becoming an end destination
            Our 3-D printer has recently been replaced by an                                                 and despite the closing of its school, the community
          improved model, the Lulzbot TAZ 5, but works on                                                    has gotten stronger and more determined to progress.
          the same principle of extruding a filament of plastic       Ronald Baillie
          in successive layers to build up a three-dimensional                                                 The Pioneer needs to reflect that progress. But its
          object. You can either take the simple route and       Councilor, District 4                       current structure doesn’t allow it to stay on top of all
          download a file for the object you want to make                                                    the stories that are available.  It is financially viable;
          from a website such as, or you can              County of Pictou                   it comes close to break even every issue. What’s
          design the object your self with 3-D modelling soft-                                               lacking is a network of contributors.  We have youth
          ware such as The last time I visited   Regular council meeting 1st Monday            involved in sports, but we rarely have coverage of
          the library it was busy printing a replacement piece   of every month unless that Monday is        sports.  Many of our residents are employed in for-
          for a checkers set.                                 a holiday then the meeting is held on          estry, agriculture and fishing, but we only occasion-
                                                              1st Tuesday of the month. Committee            ally cover those areas of interest.  There are com-
                                                                                                             munity and social events that would benefit from
                                                              meeting is held on 3rd Monday of each          coverage in the Pioneer that go unreported.
                                                              month. All meetings are open to the
                                                              public, all are welcome.                         So we would like the readers and writers in
                                                                                                             B0K1N0 to help us grow the Pioneer. Can you com-
                                                                                                             mit to writing 300 words every three months? To
                                                                                                             give you an idea of many words that is, this article is
                                                                           (902) 485-6475                      Are you a young writer or the parent of a young
                                                                          writer? The Pioneer promises a supportive environ-
                                                                            ment for new ideas. Retired and passionate about a
          The 3-D printer starts to make a replacement piece                                                 topic you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear from
          for checkers set.                                                                                  you.
                                                                                                               Join us at Rob and Lesley’s farm at 821 Hwy 6 in
                                                                                                             Marshville on October 14 at 2 pm.
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