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Bissell Park

                                                  Riverfront Deck and Docks

                                                             So many people contributed to make the Riverfront     However, these funds made it possible to build
                                                           Deck and Docks possible that it would be difficult to   this new Riverfront Deck and Docks.
                                                           name them all, so we are not even going to try.
                                                                                                               •   The Bissell family, for their very generous
                                                             We are not going to single out any individuals,       donation of $10,000 towards a riverfront project
                                                           because it was the contributions of everyone together   in this park, Bissell Park.  The Bissell’s dona-
                                                           that made this project possible.                        tion remained in the RJCAS bank account for
                                                                                                                   almost 10 years, reminding us that there was a
                                                             There were many types of contribution. Some are       riverfront project waiting to happen. The Bissell
                                                           very visible, other are less visible.                   family were invited to attend this event today to
                                                                                                                   receive the community’s thanks in person, but
                                                             The posts on which this deck rests were donated.
                                                                                                                   were not able to attend. They sent this message
                                                             The cut foundation stones were donated.               to the community:

                                                             Specialized machinery and large trucks and trailers   •   “Mr. Bissell and his family send their very best
                                                           were loaned to the project without charge.              wishes for a festive time and hope the Bissell
                                                                                                                   Park and waterfront area will be enjoyed by the
                                                             Trucking of the docks and the dock ladder were        River John community for many generations to
                                                           donated.                                                come.”

                                                             Some people contributed their work, their skilled   •   The Community Health Board, for their dona-
                                                           labour, their vision. Others donated lighting, wiring,   tion of $1,000.
                                                           picnic tables, and life rings.
                                                                                                               •   The six members of the Riverfront Project Com-
                                                             The project would have cost many, many times          mittee were key to bringing this project to life.
                                                           more if we had not received all these types of dona-    Dan Ferguson, Bruce Frizzell, Mike George,
                                                           tions.                                                  Gary Johnson, Roger MacLellan and Mike
        Chelsea Joudrey, Dana Jefferson and Cassie Langille                                                        Topley deserve special recognition and appre-
        wowed the crowd with their rendition of the song,    The new Riverfront Deck and Docks is truly a          ciation.
        River John, which was by songwriter and her-storian   community project. This is what building community
        Rosalee Peppard as part of the 2016 Through Our    looks like.                                         •   Last but certainly not least, thanks go to all the
        Eyes Artists’ Celebration of River John.                                                                   community members, and some friends from
                                                             On behalf of the community of River John, present
                                                           and future, we thank:                                   neighboring communities, who showed up to
                                                                                                                   the community work parties and in-between,
        (chorus)                                             •   Those who dreamed this project in earlier years   and freely gave their time, energy, vision, and
        River John, River John                                  and kept the vision of a riverfront project alive.  of course their opinions, as River Johners will.
        Where generous and friendly folks keep the kettle on                                                       Over 100 people participated in this building
        River John, River John                               •   All those in the River John Action Society who    project, hauling, cutting, drilling, hammering,
        Where Helping Hands understand and span what’s          over the years provided a place for community      laying wire, crawling under the deck, moving
        right and wrong                                         projects to be discussed and moved forward,        rocks, dirt and manure, seeding, raking, bring-
        Where all inspired by her sunset fire                   including this Riverfront project.                 ing treats and drinks to the workers, and pitch-
        rise up to carry on                                                                                        ing in in many other ways.
        That is why I love River John                        •   All those who fought so hard to keep our school
                                                                open as a Community Hub School, and then,      So please show your appreciation of our com-
                                                                when the school was closed, fundraised so    munity, for everyone who participated, for working
                                                                hard to keep the building open as a community   together and building a very special place for all to
                                                                centre, through soup suppers, the school café,   enjoy and take care of, now and into the future.
                                                                Chase the Ace, flea markets, dances, the ongo-
                                                                ing Book Sail, and other activities. Although                            -- Don MacKenzie, MC
                    Managing                                    funds were raised with hope of keeping the
                                                                school open as a HUB, it turned out to be finan-
                                                                cially beyond the community’s reach to do this.
                  Bissell Park

             Bissell Park has a new management com-                        In recognition of outstanding contribution
           mittee. The committee will be responsible for
           maintenance and planning for the park. Members                           to the Village of RiverJohn
           of the Park Management Committee are:
                                                                     Dan Ferguson                                   Gary Johnson
           •   Marie Farrell
           •   Cheryl Frizzell
           •   Barb Harris                                           Bruce Frizzell                                 Roger MacLellan
           •   Joan MacLeod                                                                                         Mike Topley
           •   Anne Patriquin                                      Mike George
                                                                                             Are awarded the
             The committee will be organizing a fall work
           party to weed, reseed, plant, repair paths and
           carry out other work to keep the park beautiful
           and safe.                                                       Get ‘er Done Award - 2017

             Watch the River John, Nova Scotia Facebook     For vision, leadership
           page for date and time.
                                                            and just plain hard work
                                                            in creation of the
             The new docks will be coming out of the water
           for the winter in October.
                                                            Riverfront Deck and
             Any community member who has a suggestion
           for Bissell Park or would like to support the park   Docks.
           can contact a member of the Park Management
                                                            Thank you.
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