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Profile of

                                                   Doug and Sandy Cameron

          Doug and Sandy Cameron are a retired couple      followed her parents to River John in 2013. Tracy and   Geographic”. It is ever-changing with the birds and
        who have moved home from Alberta after 15 years .   her husband Jarret own Caldera Distillery in River   the geese. One day they watched a school of about
        They moved back to the North Shore from Cochrane,   John.                                            200 dolphins fishing in the bay! It is never the same,
        Alberta in 2011. Doug is a retired lab technician with                                               changing daily! It is quiet and peaceful and they have
        the Lafarge Cement company where his job was to      Doug and Sandy first came to the area of River John  lovely neighbours. Furthermore, they are close to
        test the cement for compressive strength and also   because Sandy’s mother, Marguerite Grant moved   family. And there are beautiful sunsets. In fact, they
        set time. Sandy worked in a variety of jobs, the last   here when she married Kenny Grant. So they visited   sometimes pinch themselves, is it really true that we
        as receptionist for a chiropractor. Prior to moving to   this area when they came to visit Sandy’s parents.   are living here? People said to them, “But wait for
        Alberta they had lived in East Hants and raised their   Kenny Grant was the first person who took them to   winter.” However, even in the winter there is a rug-
        family in Shubenacadie. They have two children, Troy   Cape John for a drive and it has been a love affair   gedness that they love!
        and Tracy. Troy is now a detective with the Calgary   with the Cape ever since!
        City Police. Tracy received a master’s degree in sports   Once they lived out west and came here to visit,
        medicine from the University of Calgary. She then   they decided it would be a good idea to own their own
        took up competitive rowing, competing in the Beijing   property so friends and family could come to visit
        Olympics, where she received a bronze medal. She
                                                           them rather than having to impose on others. They
                                                           drove all around the Cape looking for properties to
                                                           buy. It was a dream since they were quite a young
                                                           couple to own land on the Cape and build a log cabin.
                                                           They bought their property on the cliff top across from
                                                           the community pasture in 2008, two years before they
                                                           moved back home.
                                                             Doug and Sandy have found it easy to feel at home
                                                           in the village. Sandy attends book club and River
                                                           John Community Action Society. They both attend St
                                                           George’s Presbyterian Church. Doug and Sandy both   When Doug and Sandy first moved here they lived
                                                           enjoy music and sing in both the Presbyterian choir   on the Grant property and just spent their summers
                                                           and the West Branch and Area Singers .            on the Cape in a travel trailer. In summer 2016, they
                                                                                                             started to build their dream house, a log cabin. The
                                                             They have 5 grandchildren aged 21 to 3, Julia,
                                                           Thomas, Chloe, Olivia and Brooklyn.               cabin was first designed and erected by Ralf Feix and
                                                                                                             his employee in July, but not finished, so Doug and
                                                             They also have a beautiful 8-year old dog, Heidi, a   Sandy couldn’t move in until March 30th 2017. Doug
                                                           golden doodle (golden retriever and poodle mix) who   functioned as the contractor and did a lot of the work
                                                           has loved the Cape since they moved here when he   with help from friends. They were extremely happy
                                                           was a pup.                                        with all of the skilled tradespeople from the area and
                                                                                                             would like to thank them for helping them to real-
                                                             When I asked them what they love about Cape John,   ize their dream of living in a log cabin on Cape John.
                                                           they say, “What is not to love?”                  Their advice to others: “Follow your dreams, or at
                                                                                                             least keep your dreams in sight!”
                                                             They think it is like living in a page from “National
                                                                                                                                     Interview by Joan MacLeod

                                                                                                                    Rev. Christine

                                          Uncle Mike’s Property Management

                                           Lawn Care                - Animal Infestation
                                           Snow Removal         - Water Leakage
                                           Property Check        - Picture / Video Confirmation

                              We offer a very friendly and reliable service that you can trust!

                                             Let Us Take Away the Worry!

                           Need maintenance and a check up on your home away from home?
                                            Call us today at (902)221-5840                                   The above picture of Rev. Christine was supposed to
                                                                     be in the last issue of the Pioneer to accompany her
                                      Email:                                bio and contribution to the community.  We apologize
                                                                                                             for it being late.

                            Not many                                                                                    Staying Fit

                             cards left                                                                      moved. Classes are now being held in the River John
                                                                                                               The River John and Area Exercise Group has
                                                                                                             Fire Hall. The group meets every Monday, Wednes-
                                                                                                             day and Friday morning at 9:00 am. The class is an
                          At the time the Pioneer went to                                                    hour in duration and cost is $2.00 per session. There
        press, Chase the Ace is still running.  There are only                                               are over 30 ladies on our list with an average atten-
        23 cards left in the deck.  The prize will likely be over                                            dance between 15 – 20 per class.
        $9,000. Proceeds from the ticket sales go to support
        important community organizations such as the River                                                    Each class is made up of four sections - warm up;
        John Legion and the River John Community Action                                                      aerobics; floor mat and cool down. Instructors are
        Society.  Projects such as the Bissell Park River-                                                   Cindy Clark and Lynn MacLeod. New members are
        front Deck and Docks would not have been possible                                                    always welcomed. It is a time of fun, making new
        without the money raised through Chase the Ace, so                                                   friends and of course, keeping in shape.
        please buy a ticket for a chance to win.
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