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River John and Area Historical Society

                                                                                                             Retired Professor James Morrison reading from his
                                                                                                             book Alfred Fitzpatrick.

                                                                                                             book on the late Rev. Alfred Fitzpatrick, of Mills-
                                                                                                             ville Pictou Co., his founding of the internationally
                                                                                                             renowned Frontier College which has been a world
                                                                                                             leader in adult education. There was discuss follow-
                                                                                                             ing the presentation. All present learned of the valu-
                                                                                                             able contribution he has made to the lives of so many
                                                                                                             Canadians in terms of providing the opportunity for
                                                                                                             adults to upgrade their education.

                                                                                                               Also during Festival week the Society hosted an
                                                                                                             open house in the three village churches, for visitors
                                                                                                             to learn of the history of our local churches.
                                  left to right is John Ashton, Jim Billie and Laura Elliott.
                                                                                                               We appreciate the donation and loan of items for
          The River John and Area Historical Society has     During the summer months the Society hosted     our museum, which greatly increased the interest in
        had a successful summer season at the museum, we   several events. The first event on July 6th, was part   our displays.
        had over 500 visitors sign our guest book, up from   of the week leading up to the annual Read by the Sea.   We were fortunate to have Olivia O’Brien as our
        329 visitors last year. The visitors included people   Pictou county historian John Ashton came and spoke   summer student this year, she proved to be a great
        from Belgium, Germany, Australia, many from the    to a large group on the “Spook of Cape John” and   hostess for our museum guests. It is important for the
        United States, right across Canada and also a definite   other similar “ghostly” stories. Mr. Ashton has writ-  next generation to be able to past on the local history.
        in increase in local folks. There have been positive   ten numerous articles regarding the history in Pictou
        comments from tourists on their visits, which encour-  County.                                          The River John and Area Historical Society is for-
        ages us that we are providing interesting displays                                                   tunate to have Beulah Wright as a dedicated member
        and information. There was also an increase in those   Then as part of the River John Festival week activi-  of the Society, she is a wonderful and knowledgeable
        individuals researching their genealogical roots.  ties the Society had retired St. Mary’s University   volunteer in the daily life of the museum.
                                                           Professor James Morrison came and read from his
                                                                                                                                         - Mary Beth Sutherland

            A bit of local history                           Dear sirs, Would you please give this letter and   or his representative Truck Driver to make out the bill

                                                           stamped addressed envelope with paper inside to Mr   for the delivery charges or truck charges for the haul-
        Recently among my papers in my home I came across   Bell or his representative Driver of Bell’s Transfer   ing of this order from Truro N.S. to R R #3 River John
        a handwritten letter which my father, Carl MacLeod   Truck when they call at your office or warehouse at   N.S. on the Sunrise Trail, approximately 3 miles west
        had saved. It was written by Harry B Langille. Irene   Truro N.S. for my order enclosed in a large Halliday   of River John N.S. or approximately one quarter mile
        Stone told me that Harry B was a well known bach-  Craftsmen Limited Envelope. And Said order going   west of Marshville School, And would it suit them to
        elor who lived in Marshville where Les and Jean Kupi   to R R # 3 River John N. S. residence Marshville N.S.   either mail this above Bill of Truckage  to me, or else
        now live. He was known as a great letter writer. My   Which order is the two pieces of Douglas Fir Gutter,   leave this Bill of Truckage with Carl MacLeod at his
        father put the letter in a (MacLeod’s) store envelope   each piece being four inches by five inches, one piece   grocery store at River John N.S. And I would get the
        and wrote on the envelope “Save this letter. Harry B   of gutter being 28 (twenty eight) feet long and the   Truckage Bill there from him. And I would either send
        Langille’s letter to Halidays”. Here it is ...     other being 18 (eighteen) feet long plus the pound of   the money to Mr. Bell for the Truckage of this order
                                          --Joan MacLeod   1 ½ inch nails and also the small box containing the   from Truro N.S. to RR # 3 River John N.S. , residence
                                                                                 order for $6.06 for paint and pentox toxic primer and   Marshville N.S. or else I might be able to make an
            RR#3 River John, Pictou County, Nova Scotia    small paint brush and some other things etcetera. And   arrangement with Mr Carl MacLeod  at his grocery
                         October 7 1957                    if I do not happen to be at home or contact them when   store at River John N.S. that I might leave the money
          To Halliday Craftsmen Limited Truro Nova Scotia  they come to deliver the order would it suit Mr. Bell   for the Truckage of this order with him. And if I left
                                                                                                             the money for this Truckage with Mr. Carl MacLeod
                                                                                                             at his grocery store at River John N.S. then probably
                                                                                                             Mr. Bell or his representative Truck Driver could later
                                                                                                             on call at Mr. Carl MacLeod’s Grocery Store at River
                                                                                                             John N.S. and obtain this Truckage money from him.
                                                                                                             This would be after I leave the money for payment of
                                                                                                             the Truckage Bill with Mr. Carl MacLeod of River
                                                                                                             John N.S.  I have not yet seen Mr. Carl MacLeod of
                                                                                                             the grocery store of River John N.S. to ask him about
                                                                                                             this, but I think it would be arranged in this way, If I
                                                                                                             do not happen to contact Bell’s Transfer Truck when
                                                                                                             they arrive at Marshville N.S. with my order.
                                                                                                               Also I do not think that the Bridge on my Driveway
                                                                                                             at Marshville N.S.  (Where the Driveway leading to
                If you are interested in joining an organization that believes in making the                 my house joins the pavement on the Sunrise Trail) is
                world a better place to live, by aiding each other in times of need and or-                  strong enough for a large Truck to cross over. It is just
                                                                                                             a narrow bridge and I would appreciate it very much
                ganizing  charitable  projects  that  benefit  the  less  fortunate,  then    call  to-
                                                                                                             if when you unload the two pieces of gutter and the
                day 902-897-3883 or check us out on Facebook, Helping Hand Lodge #34                         small BTL (?) , you would carry them across this nar-
                                                                                                             row bridge and leave them at the side of my driveway
                                                                                                             at Marshville N.S. Thank You,
                             2017-2018 Noble Grand Willis Langille                                                                          -- Harry B. Langille
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